The Company

The Company

Are more than 70 products developed and approved for the industria

Only in the South America with technology to modify the PTFE, the Uniflon it produces functional composites with GRAPHITE, FIBRE GLASS BRONZE, DISULFIDE OF MOLYBDENUM, STEEL INOX, CARBON STAPLE FIBRES, SYNTHETIC COAL, PIGMENTS and many others under demand.

Our composites presents excellent resulted in work conditions is in the requests: quimicas, thermal, mechanical and electric, beyond great stability and reprodutibilidade of the products.

Our products possess international recognition

Recognized as an industry with tip technology, the Uniflon successfully exports composites of line UFLON to important companies of the U.S.A, South America and Europe. E if thus in the world all, because to continue looking for there it are the solutions that they come to search here!

It arrives to wait the disembarrassment of its products in the port, the Uniflon delivers its order in the same day

The fast negotiation and the fulfilment of the delivery stated periods are only some of the advantages of the Uniflon, therefore we develop materials special as specific application, make personalization of materials (exclusive special colors and), we possuimos proper laboratory and we give to assistance technique and support the final consumers.